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Serial entrepreneur with a passion for the Internet, technology, media and occasionally, video games, music, motorcycles and extreme sports.


I'm an entrepreneur and occasionally dabble in movie making... I've rafted seven of the ten wildest rivers in the world. I LOVE video games, snowboarding, surfing, and watching movies... and espresso. my most recent film is Who Killed the Electric Car?

I currently primarily live in London,but often visit San Francisco, Vegas, Bucharest and Los Angeles.... If you want you can get a copy of my newest film its available both on DVD (from Sony Classics) and for digital download on amazon and at fine video outlets worldwide.

I've co-founded several companies including tag media, which became part of Razorfish, Schematic and seven others. I am active in the environmental community and passionate about the intersection of technology and media.

Currently I'm Controller Future Media Audio & Music and Mobile at the BBC.


entrepreneurs, green tech, sustainability, music, film, television, new media, intellectual property, community, entrepreneur, wireless, gadgets, mobile, user experience, video games, business development, producer, musician, broadband, international business, console gaming, user interface, environmentalist, start-up ceo, entertainment media, set-top, futurist, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, distressed business turn-arounds, interactive television, new platforms, devices