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December 13, 2007


Cole Henley

A bit arse about face but posting this here as the comment form on the Beeb site keeps crashing:

Love the retro clock widget on the new Beeb homepage. For the ultimate old-skool experience howsabout test cards for 404 messages and the like?



Shhhhh don't give all our plans away - eh?

Chris M

Interesting "beta", after browsing your blog for ten minutes I can easily see why your obsessed with DHTML fluff as I can't even hover over a link on here without an annoying popup preview of the page it links to. That and the fact you seem to have a registration and link to every piece of web 2.0 tat on the net.

Tone down the things that dont actually provide any functionality other then the "web 2.0 look", follow in Facebooks example and use web 2.0 technology without following the look that is basically a fad. And lose the damned clock; it may hark back to some visit to London you had but the most of us living in England don't really feel all that nostalgic about cheap bits of javascript clocks on homepages.

This is the BBC homepage, not a GEOCITIES site.

Oh and your flickr link doesn't work on the left.

Jo Pols

I've abandonned the BBC as my homepage now (using the Guardian). To use the new BBC homepage I had to drop my security to below my comfort level. Shame.

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